15 Competitors ready for NAGA Albany

15 competitors ready for NAGA Albany

This Saturday we have 15 competitors ready for NAGA Albany to start our tournament season off strong. We are exited to see our competitors get down to business. Rosalyn Lincoln and Nick Howe from McCann tech will be up first in the teen divisions. Followed by adult white belts Joe Broderick,Kenzie Melski,Kadeem Smith-Mungin, Lucas O'Brien and the undefeated Joey Moulton. Blue belts Alex Benko, Sopon, Paul Frank, Brian Moro, Bryan Rahilly and Jay MacLean will then take over the tournament. Competing last will be purple belt Donnie Osier and in the Expert no-gi div coach Chris Manley. Chris is fresh off a Double gold victory at the AMMO Fight League last weekend.

This is the the beginning of our season check back in for results, pics and video highlights.