Holiday toy drive a huge success!

This holiday season the Academy was more than happy to help the Adams Police Department with their annual toy drive. Three weeks ago i challenge our students to bring in as many new unwrapped toys as they could. I was expecting to get a small a pile, however anything we could donated would be a great help.

The first week it was the parents from the kids class who came out swinging. With in a few days they had surpassed my expectations of a small pile. The pile was getting too big for its original location at the gym. We had received over 20 toys at this point and we had to clear out a larger spot for them all.

Week two i expected the Toy drive to die down. I was wrong. This time the Adults Students came out in numbers ready to donate like never before. Students where bringing in 2,3 or 4 toys at a time! We got everything in from a Ninja Turtles action play set to an Easy Bake Oven. Week two, Big success.

Week Three was just as busy as the first two.  Some Academy students where donating toys for the second time and I got over 10 last day donations to bring our final toy count to over 70 Toys!!!

Great job Guys & Girls.. You have made this Holiday season a better one. Thank You. See you on the mats.