About Chris Manley

Christopher Manley

is an Undefeated Professional Mix Martial Arts Athlete, teacher and business owner living in Adams Mass.

He is the head instructor and runs the day to day operations of the Berkshire County Martial Arts Academy.

Chris has been training Martial arts consistently for the past 16 years. He has studied in and excelled at Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay thai, Judo and weapons fighting.

 Professional Mix Martial Arts Athlete

Undefeated Professional MMA Athlete 4 wins 0 losses (2 Ko's, 1 Sub)

Winner of Full Force’s Untamed 26 Main event

Professional licensed conner man (MA,CA) UFC corner man


Jiu Jitsu and related athletic achievements

Promoted to jiu jitsu Brown Belt in 2015 by UFC vet and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Gabriel Gonzaga and the 2006 Martia
l Arts Hall of Fame Instructor Of The Year
Marco Alvan.

International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Registered Brown belt.

2017 World Championship G Super fight Winner 

2016 AMMO SuperFight Champion

2016 NAGA Albany Expert No GI Champ

2016 AMMO Fight League Expert No-gi Champ and Brown Belt Champ

2015 Tap Cancer Out Brown Belt Champion


2014 AGC Oklahoma Expert No-Gi State Champ

2014 AGC Oklahoma  Purple Belt div State Champ

3x North American Grappling Association Expert Champion, 2x

(NAGA) Purple belt Champion 2014


04 Team Captain and M.V.P

04 E.I.L Champion


02 Part of the Undefeated, league and E.I.L. Tournament team champ