Student Of The Year Alex Benko

Student: Alex Benko

Rank: 2 Stripe Blue Belt

Award: Student of the Year 2016

Alex has always done all he can to help the Academy and all its students. He has donated Heavy bags, an air conditioner and the sound system we have been playing our music on for the past two years. He answers my text messages at all hours when I am having problems with the website. He even drives his son to the kids class, helps me teach that class, drives his son home and then drives back to the gym to make it for the adults class EARLY!!!

But it's not what he donates or the web advice he gives me that make him such a huge and important part of this team. Every day when Alex steps onto the mat he is ready to work. He shows up with a positive mental attitude and the thirst for knowledge. He is kind and generous.

Over the past year Alex's Jiu Jitsu and approach to training has improved immensely.  I used to dread the roll with Alex where he would try to squeeze my head till it popped off.  It was always a battle. But nowadays Alex has become one of my favorite sparing partners on the mat. He's strategic, athletic and rolls safely. Between the Academy and his home game Alex practices jiu jitsu 4-7 times a week! Alex you are an animal. I am glad to call you my friend and the Berkshire County Martial Arts Academy's 2016 Student of the Year. Congratulations!!!